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When consciousness expresses as humanity, be aware; that consciousness is you. One finds the awareness of self there. This is the oneness of created and creator.

Very old wisdom, wisdom that predates the traditions of most organized religions, speaks of the same unity of life. Often our “living life experience” is described as a web, or a weaving, of which we are all a dynamic, creative part. Even modern physics has come full circle to meet ancient mysticism with its “new physics” concept of an issue of events connecting all life. Spirituality has become domain to many individuals in full awareness of its role, and its function in the weaving of life.

One of the strongest views, basic to the search for spirituality today, is the deep recognition of the unity of all aspects of life. While this thought may have been from the past, it is being followed today. We are in truth living in a new world of awareness, consciousness, and connectedness; that is very, very old.

In this time of change for ourselves and the planet, the energies of life and the earth our reawakening in the consciousness of humankind. More than ever before, we are called to deepen our nature union. We have spent a great deal of time following the teachings of others only to find ourselves misdirected on our journey to truth. It’s time to follow the teacher within. This teacher can truly direct us on our personal paths. When we listen to the intelligence of our inner guide, we can stand in the center of our own power. Like the shaman, we can then travel on our true paths, make our earth walk, and follow our highest self.

This website is intended to communicate wisdom and information in the most practical, direct way possible. The knowledge or energy can be shared for the benefit of all, and it is hoped that many may share their “living life experiences” here.

I believe Wisdom is not knowledge, there’s a difference; wisdom requires experience. Wisdom is not a part of any religious system or tradition, accumulated faith based knowledge is what most religions follow. I question whether or not any religious path or leader has the wisdom to lead anyone on their path to their creator; the journey is very personal. I’m not against, nor do I want to be taken as against any one of the many religious paths. I personally don’t feel I have a religious path; rather, I’m on a spiritual quest. Spirituality to me may be best defined as the attainment of the highest aspect of human character in relationship to the divine. In the past this realization was most often under the control of fixed doctrines and hierarchical religious structures. Today, however, this quest has become a process of making a personal connection to the highest most divine aspects of creation. I truly believe, “nature is my religion, and the world is my cathedral”. This, of course does not have to anyone else’s belief. Sharing our beliefs can make volumes of accumulated knowledge, and this can be accomplished by sharing our “living life experiences”. Lets grow together as one of the many families of life and love.


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This website is about learning, discussing, developing trust in you; helping build self-confidence. It’s about learning to connect, trusting your intuition and what it's telling you. It's about learning to see and think for you self. We live two lives; we live in our thoughts and our present moments. I feel that freedom is simply living in the NOW or the present moment. For years I’ve believed “Nature is my religion, and the world is my cathedral”. That doesn’t discount a creator, or God, or consciousness. Something with intelligence began this thing called “the universe”, and “life”. I’ve also said many times, “I am simply amazed at how much I don’t know about God, creation, life, consciousness, the universe, and this world; in fact I’m not as smart as I often think I am. How about you? I’m willing to discuss, share, and speak, “At nuwants.com wanting to learn” about nature, creation, and God is what it’s all about. 

Wisdom Works Collection

Wisdom Works Collection

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There is one God with many names, and the oneness or unity of God is the family of life. 

That all life, not just human life is sacred.

That the oneness of God, or the creator, is displayed in all life.

The life and teachings of Jesus and other great teachers are a model for living ones own life.

Humans have the ability to use both “free will and choice in a responsible, constructive, ethical manner.

Human nature in its present state is neither inherently corrupt or good; as is all of life that is conscious of itself, this is what the creator intended.

Rational thought, reason, science, and philosophy, can co-exist with a belief in God, or creation.

The authors of all religious books, although inspired by the creator were human, therefore subject to human error, desires, and goals.

Traditional religious teachings malign creation, and the creator of our true mission and nature.

There should be a distinct separation of church and state.

I believe that one’s personal convictions guide ones personal political activities; that there is no viable just and fair unity in church and state.

There is more coming.